SASOL: Experiences in cost/risk optimization

SASOL: Experiences in cost/risk optimization


This case study describes the optimization of the major shutdown strategy, and some of the many individual decisions about what capital investment, maintenance or inspection is worthwhile, when.

Case Study

SASOL in South Africa, is responsible for around 50% of the total domestic fuel and lubricants market, largely through its world-leading coal-to-gas-to-oil conversion technologies.  The Secunda site comprises the largest such production facility, some 10km x 4km of integrated process plant, with over 23,000 pressure vessels and a feedstock obtained from 5 coal mines operating 24/7.   In the past, the company benefited from protected political and commercial status but these protections are rapidly disappearing and world markets are providing significant price competition.  Accordingly, great pressure has been brought to bear on the unit production costs, product quality and operational flexibility of the plant, and significant investment has been made in new technologies and ways of working.

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